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Welcome to a world where wedding & family stories come alive through documentary-style! I turn raw moments into cherished memories, infusing the heart of luxury weddings with emotional, documentary flair. 

I’m not just capturing moments; I’m on a mission to discover those special, unpredictable, and real instances that make your wedding day uniquely yours. From weddings to family portraits, couples in love to the anticipation of maternity, each frame captures the essence of life as it happens. Ready to let your story unfold through my lens? Let’s make magic together! 

Let’s create a visual symphony that tells your story in a way that’s as genuine and beautiful as the connection you share. Ready to embark on a visual journey in Greenville, South Carolina or DWF Texas?

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Unveil the Magic: Discover How I Capture Weddings with Authenticity and Heart!

Your special moments in the wedding deserves a special way to photograph, I specialize in capturing raw emotional moments, and crafting documentary-style visual narratives.

Dive into a journey of storytelling, spontaneity, and genuine moments. Explore why I choose the documentary style to encapsulate the essence of your love. Let’s craft your wedding story together – one that’s uniquely yours.

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So you want to find out a little more? Well I’d love to hear from you. To have a little chat or to check my availability.

I only take a limited amount of weddings per year so that I’m fully focused and can give my couples my all. If I’m not available your date but you are looking for someone a similar style/price, I’ll be more than happy to recommend someone. There’s a contact form below you can fill in